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Presenting with Standard School District

Barry and I presented the ATS - Alternative to Suspension Model at this year's California School Board Association Conference in San Diego last week.  We had the honor of presenting with Paul Meyers, Superintendent of Standard School District, who is in his second year of implementing the ATS Model.  He was able to share some…
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Making amends

Day five of the ATS Experience is focused on making amends and reintegration. On a recent visit, we joined an elementary school circle at the close of the school day. A student named Caleb was practicing his apology to the person he harmed. The scenario was this: Caleb had asked a couple of boys if…
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“…like a coach!”

Whenever we enter an ATS classroom, we immediately make a beeline for the kids so we can talk to them. On this particular day, we found ourselves in an impromptu circle discussion with four middle school students. Barry asked one young man, “So tell us how this ATS experience is different from what would have…
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Sometimes, simply “talking” works!

We get asked to “do” Restorative Workshops (RW) quite often when we are on-site training folks. What strikes us is the power often found in the simplest exchanges. We were working with some eighth grade boys during a lunch time RW. One boy answered the first question by deflecting the blame to others. When asked,…
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